We have sung the songs of faith.
We have heard the challenges of scripture.
Let us go now,
continuing our sacred journey
in an attitude of service and grace.
Let us love our enemies
and pray for those who do us harm.
Let us care for those who are evil
as well as for those who are good,
knowing how to set boundaries.
And the presence of our God goes with us.


The United Reformed Church in Horsham is a community of people who know and support each other, in life and in worship. We come from many different church backgrounds but have found a home in the United Reformed Church which has brought together three historical traditions of Christian life and worship. Our journey of faith together is a constant rediscovery and opening up of our tradition, exploring how faith in God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit - can help us make sense of what is happening in each of our lives and in the the world around us.

We believe our church exists for service in the community that surrounds us and for all who enter our building. We try to play an active part in Horsham by organising our own events, supporting initiatives led by other churches, charities, and organisations in the local community.

We are excited to continue our own personal Christian journeys and our collective journey of faith as a congregation. You will receive a very warm welcome if you wish to join us - in worship, action in the community, in fellowship with us.

Our service times on Sundays are;-

Springfield Road, Horsham  ( RH12 2RG for Satnav)  - 10.30 - 11.30 am

Slinfold Chapel, Slinfold  (RH13 0RP for Satnav)  -        6.30 - 7.30 pm

For further information, contact our Church Secretary, Kate Fletcher


slinfold chapel