Prayers to say during a pandemic

Prayer in a Pandemic:



In your hands, dear Lord, is held the whole creation.

It is your gift of fragile wonder.

It is ours to treasure as you do.

It is made more frightening now;

we who have been used to freedom are confined,

we who are used to controlling so much are floundering,

we who expect healthcare to work find it overwhelmed,

we who worship find our churches shut.

Now, we watch and wait and worry.

Grant us your peace today.

Send us signs of hope in the love that is shared and the kindness shown.

Help us to go gently with ourselves and others.

Give fortitude and courage to all in the NHS,

all keeping essential shops and industries going,

all sustaining communities and neighbourhoods,

all in authority and power.

We are learning more about what it means to live together and apart.

We are learning more of the ties that bind our shared humanity.

So we pray for others suffering, too,

especially where their resources are so much less than ours,

their strength already spent,

their homes a refugee shelter or a cold street.

We pray, dear God, for all those who feel lost today;

may they discover in you the safety they long for.

We pray for those who wonder about you;

may they know the truth that you would give to set them free.

We pray for those who find life filled with terror;

may they know in your presence the peace that heals all hurt.

We pray for those who treasure learning;

may they find in your truth the wisdom that truly sustains.

We place ourselves and all we know and love into your safe keeping.

We pay for your protection and your healing.

We pray your blessing and your peace dwell amidst it all.

In the name of Jesus Christ,

and in the powerful presence of your Spirit.




Westminster College